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'2017 for 2017' blog

By David Ward, Jul 5 2017 07:26AM

It's been a very long time since a blog post, however there has been plenty of running going on during that time (as well a production of 'The Wandering Scholar' and Opera Festival plans!)

The half way point in the year has gone and I'm not quite half way to the magic 2,017 mile mark, however it all (I think) is under control and on track.

Talking about tracks, alongside my regular diet of podcasts to keep me entertained out on the roads (special mention to the wonderful lieder podcast, 'The Recital Room', from Benedict Nelson and Mark Stone) I've been slowly putting together an opera favourites playlist.

You'd be very welcome to take a look and send me your recommendations!

There are a few old favourites on there (a couple from Rossini's 'Cenerentola', some 'Onegin', etc.) but also hopefully a few rarities which may appeal.

Due to the luck of shuffle play, as I was listening yesterday Spotify put on five overtures in a row (not that I'm complaining!). I do love a good overture, and I think that the playlist has some crackers. If you're struggling to get going in the morning, put on Wagner's 'Das Liebesverbot' and you're good to go ...

By David Ward, Mar 10 2017 06:17PM

A good knee and decent weather has propelled the challenge forward a good distance over the past few weeks!

I’m now (just) in the 1700s on my operatic running-related research, so let’s delve into the year 1797 ...

(Note: I was going to look into 1804 (which is where I finished last week) however it seems that it was an extraordinarily quiet year for international opera activity!)

- One of opera’s most performed composers, Gaetano Donizetti - creator of 'L’Elisir D’Amore', 'Don Pasquale', and 'Lucia di Lammermoor' (among many others) - was born in Bergamo, Italy

- Also born in 1797 was Austrian composer Franz Schubert. Though not especially well known for his operatic writing, he did compose a number of stage works, with 'Fierabras' perhaps his best known work

- 1797 wasn’t a year for operatic blockbusters, however Cherubini’s 'Medee' is well worth a listen

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far to the challenge - all donations will make a great impact on our work, so please do visit the donation page if you haven’t had chance, yet.



Weeks gone: 31

Weeks remaining: 21

Miles run: 1082

Miles to go: 935

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