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Albert Herring

Thursday 31 August, 7pm - 10pm



Aspect Opera perform in Leeds for the first time with their hilarious new production of Britten's classic comedy.

(1947) music by Benjamin Britten, libretto by Eric Crozier

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At the turn of the century Britain holds dominion over an empire on which the sun never sets. The United Kingdom is prosperous and powerful; industry is booming and wealth is pouring back to the homeland from overseas. In the small town of Loxford, the town elders are summoned by the potent aristocrat, Lady Billows, to devise their grand May Day celebration at which their new May Queen will be crowned.


Enraged at the lack of virtuous and patriotic girls in the town, Lady Billows declares her assent for a boy - the blameless Albert Herring - to be made the first May King. That will teach the girls a lesson!


Yet all is not well in Loxford... the great wealth of the nation is not seen or felt by the many, but by the greedy few who control society form the very top. Discontent for inequality is demonstrated in public protests, acts of vandalism, and even violence.


Albert, Sid, and Nancy want nothing than to be left alone to love, laugh and live their lives free from the politics of the town. But as May Day looms ever closer and unrest grows among the people of Loxford, are they doomed to be swept up by impending events? Maybe it’s time for a rebellion of their own...


In a production inspired by Seebohm Rowntree’s ‘York Studies’ (1899), Aspect Opera’s new take on Britten’s comedy classic is a provocative and riotous spectacle that is sure to make audiences laugh, cry, and leave the theatre all too aware of the healthy benefits of a little dash of rum in their lemonade.




Tickets only £17.50 - book for both 'Alfred' and 'Albert Herring' for just £30

Florence Pikes

Lady Billows

Miss Wordsworth

Mr. Gedge

Mr. Upfold

Superintendent Budd


Albert Herring


Mrs. Herring




Mrs Wood

Mr Waters (Baker)





Production Manager

Movement Director

Designer and Scenic Artist

Graphic Designer

Head of Wardrobe

Stage Team


Stephanie Wake-Edwards

Jennifer Rust

Sarah Parkin

Adam Gouldin

Joe Yates

Thomas Lowen

Chris Murphy

Alex Hume

Emily Hodkinson

Rachael Cawte

Alice Dix

Bethany Stephens

Euan Lynch

Hannah James

Stefan Grant


Louise Barclay Johnson

Caolan Keaveney

Thomas Hawkes

Nathan Bargate

Jem Rowlston

Zowie Wise

Harry Elletson

Bethany Stephens

The Lowens