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Tuesday 29 August, 7.30pm - 9pm


Wednesday 30 August, 7.30pm - 9pm


Join Northern Opera Group for one of the greatest and most thrilling British operas of all-time.


Physically and emotionally battered by war with the marauding Danish forces, King Alfred is forced to take shelter with a peasant family on the Isle of Athelney.


At the point of defeat, the King's (and the country's) last hope rests with one man - the King's young son, Prince Edward.


The heart of this year's Festival, 'Alfred' is the inspiration for our theme of 'Great British Opera'. A powerfully patriotic opera (the song 'Rule, Britannia' comes from 'Alfred'), the opera will provide plenty to consider across the Festival - make sure to pop in to our open rehearsal on Monday 28, our post-show discussion on Tuesday 29, and join us for the opportunity to examine the three earliest printed copies of the opera at the University of Leeds on Wednesday 30 August.


An opera of great passion, love and honour, don't miss this rare opportunity to see Arne's stunning opera in the magnificent setting of Left Bank Leeds.


1740. Music by Thomas Arne, libretto by David Mallett and James Thomson

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Monday 28 August, 2pm - 4pm, Open Rehearsal


Tuesday 29 August, 9pm - 9.45pm, Post-show discussion


Wednesday 30 August, 1pm - 2pm, Looking Through the Scores [University of Leeds, Parkinson Building]


Joe Bolger


William Branston


Helen Stanley


William Wallace


Catrin Woodruff


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