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The Culture Games: West meets East

24 August 2018, 6.30pm

panel: Dr Maki Fukuoka, Dr Christopher Homewood, Prof Derek Scott

chair: David Ward

For centuries, Western music, art, literature, theatre and film have represented their own versions of Asia - creating a vivid and broadly-drawn portrait of the continent's culture, people and places.

Throughout this long period of cultural dominance, Western artists have cultivated none-too-flattering impressions of Asia, with little return of reply.

But in an ever more connected world with far greater global cultural cross-over and collaboration (not to mention the rapid commercial influence of China), are we now at a tipping point in 'The Culture Games'? ...

Joining Northern Opera Group's Artistic Director, David Ward, to discuss this fascinating subject will be three academics from the University of Leeds with expertise across music, art and film - Dr Maki Fukuoka, Dr Chris Homewood, and Prof Derek Scott.

The discussion will run from 6.30pm to 7.20pm, ahead of the evening performance of The Original Chinese Conjuror.

David Ward is the Artistic Director of Northern Opera Group, and the director of 'The Original Chinese Conjuror'

Dr Maki Fukuoka is a lecturer in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds

Dr Chris Homewood is a lecturer in German and World Studies in the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies at the University of Leeds

Prof Derek Scott is a Professor of Critical Musicology at the School of Music at the University of Leeds

Left Bank Leeds

FREE (£5 suggested donation)

Part of the 2018 Left Bank Opera Festival