Music by George Frideric Handel

Words by Giacomo Rossi

First performed 1713

August 2022

Part of the Leeds Opera Festival

Supported by Handel Institute


Silla rises to power on the crest of a populist wave.

Surrounded by sycophants and with the unwavering support of his wife, Metella, he embarks on a ruthless cull of any opposition - taking whatever, and whoever, he wants along the way.

But in the face of such brutal repression an uprising is forming, and those closest to Silla may be his greatest enemies ...

Over 300 years from its premiere, Handel's Silla feels extremely relevant to today.

The story of a power-hungry demagogue, its fascination with politics, patriarchy and blind devotion resonate on both sides of the Atlantic.

Director Laura Attridge and conductor Ellie Slorach bring Handel's forgotten to gem to life as part of the Leeds Opera Festival 2022, in a new English translation by Dr Martin Pickard.

Laura Attridge


Ellie Slorach