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2018 Festival Playlist

Gearing up for this year's Left Bank Opera Festival?

Then why not take a look at some of our film and music choices to complement this year's programme!


The Prestige

Set in London in the late 19th century (the same period that Chung Ling Soo began to achieve success in England), 'The Prestige' tells the story of rival magicians, each attempting to outdo the other with more extraordinary and outlandish illusions.

Very similar to the battles that occured between Chung Ling Soo and rival magicians at the time, 'The Prestige' - like 'The Original Chinese Conjuror' - goes behind the scenes to examine the blood, sweat and tears, behind the on-stage wonder.

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Magic in the Moonlight

Magician, Colin Firth, attempts to de-bunk the rising spiritualist superstar, Emma Stone, in this romantic comedy.

William Robinson was very successful in his early career at staging seances, and into fooling people into believing that they were communicating with the dead. 'Magic in the Moonlight' is a fascinating look into this shady business, and is all the more notable for Colin Firth's character adopting the same trick as William Robinson - developing the on-stage persona of a Chinese magician (left)!

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Mike Leigh's excellent behind-the-scenes story of the making of 'The Mikado' is a telling look at how Asian characters were represented on-stage in the 19th century.

William Robinson took his stereotypical 'Chinese' dress and actions from stage plays, pictures and fellow magicians, with scant regard for authenticity.

Also notable is the film's recreation of the Japanese Village in Knightsbridge, in which around 100 Japanese men and women recreated a Japanese village in the heart of London.

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2018 Festival Spotify Playlist

Featuring works by Raymond Yiu, Henry Purcell, and Camile Saint-Saens, and pieces from 'Turandot', 'The Mikado', and 'Madame Butterfly', our Spotify playlist is essential pre-Festival listening to begin our exploration of opera and Asia!

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