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Film, Food and Opera

Tuesday 30 August 2022, 7pm

Part of the Leeds Opera Festival

HEART Headingley, LS6 3HN

Join us for an evening of film, food and opera inspired by the works of George Frideric Handel.

You'll be treated to a wonderful feast of delicious food, live performances of Handel operatic arias by soprano Louise Wayman, and a screening of the film God Rot Tunbridge Wells which tells the story of Handel's career in London.

Tickets are just £25 for the whole evening.

haendel movie (2).jpeg

God Rot Tunbridge Wells

Produced in 1985 by Channel 4 Films in celebration of Handel's 300th birthday, the film explores Handel's career in London.

Trevor Howard plays the elderly Handel reflecting on his life and works. The film features many notable performances of his music by the likes of Emma Kirkby, James Bowman and Elizabeth Harwood.

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