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Polly Rockman

Polly Rockman is a graphic designer from Leicester. She is currently studying at the University of Leeds and will graduate this summer with a bachelors degree in Graphic & Communication Design.

With a broad range of skills including branding, copywriting, and packaging design, Polly enjoys distilling clients ideas into fresh visuals, allowing them to engage with their audiences. All her projects begin with an in-depth research process which helps to add unique details and personality to each and every piece of work.

She believes that all forms of design have the potential to tell a story. Through her clean and simple style, she hopes to help people and businesses express their narratives to the world in the most beautiful manner possible.

Northern Opera Group, c/o Northern Ballet, Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2 7PA | | 07817 475769 | reg. charity 1167501

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